Welcome to all controllers in, a new series by The Lan Party Productions.  This series will bring new play through's by the host and staff.  The play through's will feature co-op multiplayer, Multiplayer, and Single player play through's of games chose by either the host or fans!

ACI will also include Let's play series!  This will be more for games suck as PUBG, The Division, Siege, Minecraft etc with no story elements to the series other than our complaining and screaming haha!

We hope you enjoy the new series of videos! The way these videos will be uploaded are every week via Patreon.   Subscribers from the $5 and above tier will have access to the videos.

One month after uploaded to Patreon the episode will make its way to YouTube for everyone to see!  We hope you enjoy the show, please go to our patreon and watch the episodes currently available.


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