Dreamscaper hype train

Do you happen to be a fan of ARPG's? What about Rougelites? If you answered yes to either, or both of those questions then Dreamscaper is a new up and coming title to look out for by Afterburner Studios.

Dreamscaper is an emotional and thought provoking game that tackles depression and mental illness. Everynight you'll dive into the subconscious dream world of Cassidy as she is tormented by a deep depression and her inner demons.

This game came across my twitter feed and I decided to see what it was all about through there kick-starter page. Something that set this game apart from other indie games I've come across through the years is that the devs already have a playable demo up and running. Without any hesitation I immediately fired up steam and downloaded the demo and eagerly waited while it downloaded.

A quick peak at the art style outside the dreamscapes

Once I fired up the game and started the tutorial, I knew I was hooked. Then I hopped right into the first dreamscape and I was sold on how amazing this game will become. The controls are smooth and easy to pick-up, best of all, you get to seamlessly switch between, melee, ranged, and magical attacks and abilities. Items found during the day time can also be pulled into and found in the dreamscapes to help you vanquish the foes you find.

Swords, Yo-Yo's and laser beams are some of the weapons you'll find

Head over to steam and give this game a try if you don't believe me on how beautiful and great this game is. After you get hooked onto the game head on over to there website and secure yourself a copy by simply pre-ordering. Follow the links below to learn more.


Pre-order here

Also check out the kickstarter to see all the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.



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