From Rust

Horrible patchwork abominations of scrap metal roam the world, looking for survivors to stomp out or metals to hoard. Gather your friends and your deck of cards, and get down to the surface to fight machines for glory, loot, and the good of humanity.

From Rust by Razbury Games is a new take on the card game genre. You're not playing against other players, and it isn't your traditional style of card game either. This artistic and witty game has you instead teaming up with other players, or going solo against a deck of cards.

Now I'm sure you're asking, "Playing against a deck of cards?" and the answer is yes. Each adventure comes from the deck you chose at the start, and with each card flipped, your adventure continues. Gain loot, fight monsters and trigger events, of course the game play is deeper then just flipping cards. You and your companions are limited in the number of cards you can flip per day, once each day is complete you make camp and rest/craft equipment to better prepare yourself for the next day. You also need to be aware of you who send out exploring as each character has a different passive ability, so one character might benefit from being surrounded by friends, others may feel the need to go on exploring solo. As for a sense of danger? Well at the end of each adventure, there is a big boss to fight, which if defeated gives you the resources to purchase more cards to add to your deck.

I'm a sucker for card games, whether its a table top card game, or digital, I'm always excited to try them out. What sets From Rust apart from other computer based card games is not only the card art and clever dialogue, it's also the Cooperative nature of the game. Most card games these days are head to head battles, where the winner wins, and the loser, loses. Razbury Games breaks away from the format which is what makes From Rust a winner in my book.

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Ninja Edit: I can't wait for this game to release, and I highly highly recommend it


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