From Rust Alpha Week-end recap

Razbury Games, the studio behind From Rust opened up the game for a free alpha test weekend from the 14th-16th of June. Luckily Elliot and Jordan were able to get in on the action, had a blast, and recorded some footage that is being edited to show off the game!

The only time Elliot was able to play the game was at PAX East, and the only game play available at the time was the tutorial. This Alpha test showed off the first 2 areas, The Wastes, and The Dunes. Each area has 2 game modes, Story, and Adventure, and to unlock adventure mode for each area, completing the story mode first is required(As it should be).

Elliot and Jordan made it through the Wastes Story first, and despite the developers warning of the difficulty in The Dunes, the duo went ahead anyway. The Dunes was definitely a challenge, and the 2 barely made it to the boss fight and were promptly stomped into the ground by the giant machine awaiting them. The Devs were right (who knew!) that trying the Dunes with level 1 characters was a bad idea.

We didn't stand a chance against this boss

The key to leveling up characters is a in game currency called crowns, and they are used to buy new abilities, new craft-able gear, monsters, and character equip-able upgrades. These upgrades allow for some interesting combos and ways to make it through the encounters. Elliot enjoyed using the Scout Ahead, and Scavenge abilities which let them plan out the first 3 cards each day along with gaining extra scrap and shuffling the deck. Jordan loved using The Long Watch, which left Buster at camp each day, but gave everyone a boost in combat power.

Throughout the Alpha test the developers were busy not only in there discord, but also with patching and responding to bug reports that people encountered. A lot of the bugs encountered were fixed relatively quickly, while others required a bit more work and are being taken care of before the next Alpha weekend.

Speaking of more Alpha weekends, July 26th will mark the beginning of another Alpha weekend test and just like this passed test, this will also be available to anyone who wants to try out the game free of charge(something more developers should do). We know Elliot and Jordan are both itching to get back into the game, and try out whatever else the developers add into the game.

If you want to know more about this game, head on over to there website below. You can sign-up for the newsletter, and join the official discord server to get a key to join in on future Alpha testing weekends!


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