The Inner Friend

The Inner Friend is another great game we got to try out at PAX East this year. We got a chance to meet with the studio representatives, and you can tell they have passion for this game and it shows. This game was so good, that we bought a copy of the game and gave it a full play through recently!

PLAYMIND is the studio behind The Inner Friend, and I feel they most definitely knocked it out of the park with this game. Everything about this game screams quality. From the smooth controls, the A+ sound design, to the amazing surreal landscapes you explore. The Inner Friend is a visually-driven narrative that tells it's story through re-living memories and fears. You'll explore beautifully detailed levels, some seem fun and inviting, while others are straight out of nightmares.

If you're a fan of narrative driven games, and games with beautiful environments, then go check out The Inner Friend. Currently available on Steam and coming to Xbox One and PS4 this summer!

You can check out PLAYMIND at the links below:


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