Justin is your average dad and above average nerd.  He likes gaming, drawing, tattooing, sewing, building models and so much more!  His love of video games started with the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and many other consoles throughout the years, until he found PC gaming. 


He enjoys shooters, creative, simulation, racing and well just about anything as long as it is fun.​ In 2014 he created the idea of The Lan Party Talk Show which now has evolved into much more than just a talk show.  TLP Productions was created with new shows and more content coming every day! He and the whole TLP team have big dreams for all of TLP Productions!



My name is Alex aka "Tempusftw". I currently live in Washington state but have lived all around the country. Like a lot people on here I have a big passion for gaming, everything from MMOs to FPS. I'm a very easy going guy that can get pretty competitive. I started streaming June 2018 and I'm determined to do it full time.

I am a lazy boy who has yet to type up my introduction >_>


Amber is the wife and very supportive partner to Justin and to TLP Productions.  She handles social media, emails and more behind the scenes jobs for TLP Productions.  She also plans to debut on some future projects from with the other host and crew.

Amber is an enthusiastic nerd learner, diving head first into gaming, anime, models, cosplay and so much more!  She also has a love for make-up and other things related to beautification products.  We might even see her own make-up review and tutorial show one day!


Jordan is a 33-year-old gamer dude living in Virginia that first cut his teeth on gaming in the heydays of the Atari and NES with Galaga, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, and the original Super Mario trilogy. These days, he plays a wide variety of genres on various systems, but is primarily a PC gamer. When he's not gaming or streaming, Jordan spends his time reading or watching anime. Being a self-proclaimed "Lore Fanatic", give Jordan half a chance in a conversation and he's liable to break out random bits of information about any subject from the annals of the garbage dump he calls his brain.

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